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In the current situation, where every person using a smartphone. To keep this in mind and cater to its customers well, Netgear Inc Corporation has developed an application to manage Arlo camera through mobile phone. Many users want to control their Arlo camera through the PC when they are working on the Computer. And they are looking to download Arlo app for PC.

Is Arlo App Available to download on PC?

No, there is no any Arlo app to download on Windows or MAC computer. Still, you can use the same Arlo app for Android as well as Computer. Indistinguishably the closed-circuit camera of Arlo is perfect in capturing high-resolution images with utmost quality.

Even one can’t deny the fact that the features of this worldly-renowned application cover personal as well as professional security of its existing users. In this blog, I will help you get instincts of this application plus various ways with which you can easily download Arlo app for PC. Let’s begin with its features first: –

Award-Winning Features of Arlo Camera

The Arlo camera is solely capable of not only capturing variable color patterns and illuminating them well graphically but also offer assistance to the motion graphics at different color patterns. To begin with its features, the first one is: –

  • Unlimited Access to Free Cloud Storage: With the cloud storage of Arlo, it is much convenient to create a backup of all the necessary files used by the Arlo desktop app. Such a backup may give wide angles to the notifications and other messages that are sensitive from security point-of-view.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery: The 120VAC battery of this powerful camera charges it up fast. All you have to do is plug in the micro USB wire into the camera port. Later this charges the camera within an hour or two so that one can use it for recording the videos either in white-black balance or any other exposures.
  • Tremendous one thirty degrees field of view: Many people prefer to download the Arlo app for Mac. The reason is that the operating system of Mac can assertively map motion detection much better than that of Windows. Even an object which is twenty-three feet away from the camera is effectively captured and displayed because of Arlo’s infrared technology.
  • Two Way Audio: At times when you are standing in the backyard of your house, you might have some desire to listen to your favorite tracks. There you might have some craving for listening to your favorite tracks. So the two-way audio functionality of Arlo app for Mac is there to play all the audio-visuals you wish to listen to at those times.

Till now I have listed the five features many of you wish to know about Arlo. Having the curiosity to learn about the process of downloading Arlo app on Windows 10 and Mac? Read the below sections: –

Downloading and Installing Arlo across various platforms:

The trending Arlo app for pc is not adhered to get installed on smartphones only. Instead, you can try downloading this freemium application on operating systems like Windows 10 and Macintosh. All you can try are:-

Note: You have to download an emulator to use an android application on PC. Bluestacks is the perfect choice to use an android and iOS application on PC.

You can download Bluestacks from here for free.


#Download Arlo App on Windows 10:

Users who prefer to use Windows 10 PCs need not worry. Instead, they must begin with: –

  1. Turning on your PC. After this click the Windows 10 button. It must be located at the bottom right corner.
  2. Now search for Bluestacks. It is an emulator that lets you download the applications compatible with your smartphones. If Bluestacks is not there, download it from its official site for free.
  3. After downloading and installing Bluestacks, start it.
  4. Once Bluestacks is started, login in your Google account same as Android device.
  5. Now search for “Play Store” in Bluestacks.
  6. Type Arlo app in its search bar of Play Store. As soon as you hit the Enter button, the bird-like symbol appears. Click the same and let the application get downloaded.

At last click the Finish button after following all the on-screen instructions of the wizard.

Finally, you have successfully download the Arlo App. Now you can log in your Arlo account and manage your camera from PC.

Download Arlo App For MAC

Our Mac users must not feel disappointed because we have the process for them too. These are some steps that will help them install the Arlo app for MAC that consists of Macintosh as an operating system. To begin with: –

  1. Open the safari browser and type Arlo for my MAC.
  2. Now the browser will display numerous searches. There you must find the option of emulator.
  3. Go through the same and then click the version of your MAC when asked by the website. After this, you must install this compatible emulator onto your MacBook. The point to be noted is that MAC will install it in the same way the Arlo app for Windows 10 was installed.
  4. Some instances feature you require might not be there in the Arlo application for Mac. So prefer to read all the features that are there inside the existing version of Arlo.
  5. Wait till Arlo is installed. In the end, you must click the Finish option after the process is completed.

Close Virtual Box now and restart your Mac so that you may use your Arlo cameras for better motion-sensing experiences.


In the end, all I want to say is that you must not hesitate in taking a step ahead in installing the best-suited version of the Arlo camera app for PC that has Windows 10 or Mac. Even the above steps are solely capable of generating fruitful results for helping you connect Arlo with your Windows or any other operating system and using its award-winning functionalities in making your lives secure and safe.

How Arlo App Work on PC?

How Arlo App Work on PC

Arlo app work smooths on a mobile device providing you with a perfect video view from your camera. On the other hand, how does Arlo app perform when using on a PC? We tested it with multiple cameras to see.

  • Link multiple cameras
  • Motion and Audio Alert
  • Video and Audio Recording
  • Arlo Doorbell Connection
  • Alarm feature.


  • Can I link multiple cameras to an Arlo smart application?

Linking multiple cameras to your Arlo applications can sometimes be challenging. The benefit of doing the same is that the use of one-thirty degrees of field view can be done much more comfortable. To connect multiple cameras, open the Arlo application that is already installed. Later login with your credentials and then go to settings. Here you will find the option of adding multiple cameras. Just click it, and then your Arlo camera can synchronize well with the application to add the cameras available to your nearby network.

  • Is it convenient to use audio-visual recordings for later playbacks in my Arlo app?

The audio-visual recordings might go on later playbacks. These playbacks tend to play the video or any other audio stored in the cloud server of Arlo on a repetitive basis. To use the recordings, just go to the cloud server of Arlo and then select all your local files from its official server and add it to later playbacks.

  • How do I download the Arlo app to my computer?

Many users prefer to download the Arlo app for windows 10 onto their PCs. As per the statistics they use emulators like Android etc. But they can do the same by installing Bluestacks onto their PCs. It is an emulator too but much better than Android. After they install it, they must search for the Arlo camera app. Then read all the specifications carefully and install the Arlo app onto their Computer to enjoy its features anytime.

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