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How to Troubleshoot Arlo Base Station Offline Issue?

We have listed some common reasons below, read them thoroughly to understand the reason behind Why is my Arlo Base station goes offline?.

If you are using Arlo security cameras, you must be familiar with the Base station. Arlo manufactures diverse varieties and styles that suit the users’ different requirements, such as Arlo Baby, Arlo Pro, Arlo Doorbell, Arlo Solar Panel. Arlo helps your cameras to connect them with the internet and provides long-range internet connectivity to your cameras.

Occasionally, users encounter Arlo Base Station Offline issues while synchronizing the Arlo camera with the base station. With the help of the lighting indicators available at the bottom of the Arlo base station, that helps you to find out whether your Base station is connected with the camera or not.

Surely this will hamper the installation and Arlo setup process. You need not worry if you are facing such issues. These problems can be resolved effortlessly with some fundamental technical guidance. Before we skip to the process of How to Setup Arlo Camera with base Station, first, we need to know the cause of the issue.

We have listed some common reasons below. Read them thoroughly to understand the reason behind that.

Why is my Arlo Base Station goes offline?

There can be any reason why you are facing these issues. With the help of some proper knowledge and guidance, you will diagnose the reason behind the problem. Let’s have a look:

  1. Poor internet connectivity:  Arlo base station couldn’t synchronize with the cameras if your internet connection is not giving adequate speed, or base station lost connectivity.
  2. Base station configuration: If the base station configuration is not done correctly, it may create problems.
  3. Software updates: Arlo firmware needs to be updated timely. An outdated firmware will not work precisely.
  4. Adaptor and ethernet: When your ethernet cable is not working correctly, your base station may not get proper internet connectivity. Similarly, when the adopter is not connected well, you might be in trouble at any time.

These could be one of the possible reasons behind the Arlo base station offline issue.

How to troubleshoot Arlo Base station offline?

These troubleshooting steps will help you to fix all the issues. Here we have outlined all the significant steps to get rid of these issues effortlessly.

Let’s begin the process and follow the steps one by one to Reset Arlo Base Station.

  • Begin the process by checking your LAN wire and connect it accurately with the Arlo base station
  • After that, check the base station’s adaptor; it needs to connect with the base station so that you may not face any trouble
  • Be sure that your internet connection is providing the appropriate speed to complete the process without any hassle. You can also try connecting your router and base station directly with LAN wire.
  • After that, you need to do power cycling. Unplug the adaptor and then reconnect it after some time
  • In case your Arlo Camera Is Offline, you need to check the batteries of the camera
  • Monitor that all lights in the router blinking. A blue blinking light indicates that your base station is ready to connect with the cameras.
  • Verify whether the firmware is updated to its latest version or not. If not, you need to update it.
  • At last, you are required to perform the factory reset. For this, long-press the reset button, and it will reset to its default settings.

Hope after following this guide; you have fixed your Arlo Base Station issues. If in case you need help. You can ask about your problem in the Arlo community.

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