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How to Buy Bitcoin Online? Guide 2021

Digital money or currency is something that can give you huge outputs while trading or with future investment. One such digital currency trending these days is Bitcoin, which has brought the attention of customers from all around the globe. As per the stats, the value of single bitcoin reached near $20,000 in 2018 giving an idea to evaluate its rising value periodically.

Although it has gone downwards since then, still experts believe that it may rise in the near upcoming future. Hence, the value keeps fluctuating from time to time. But, if you are willing to invest in it and want to know how to buy Bitcoin using online payment methods,  then you have certainly come to the right place.

Through What Payment Methods we can buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is something that is dealt online and hence, its buying and purchasing are also done online. So, you can buy them with almost all payment methods including credit card, debit card, Cash app, bank, and others.

But the procedure is not very simple as one has to land on the genuine Cryptocurrency exchanger website where the purchasing can be done easily. But Beware! There are many scam websites online that are only meant to steal your information.

Note:– You will have to create a virtual bank account where your Bitcoin will be sent.

How to Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card?

It is simple yet you will have to do a number of things to do so. Like you have to create your virtual wallet where your Bitcoin will be sent.

What should be kept in mind while purchasing Bitcoin through a credit card?

  • Choose genuine cryptocurrency exchanger website.
  • Be ready to pay the processing fees.
  • Don’t overspend your money.
  • Due to highly fluctuating value, you may go into debt.

Use the below-given steps to purchase your Bitcoin with a credit card.

  1. Go to the genuine cryptocurrency exchange website.
  2. Enter the amount you want to spend to buy Bitcoin instantly.
  3. Type your ID for the verification purpose.
  4. Enter the credit card details now.
  5. Now, wait for a few minutes to send cryptocurrency to your wallet.

Note:- The transaction or processing fees may levy while buying Bitcoin.

Within a seconds, you will have your Crypto money in your virtual wallet. But purchasing your Bitcoin through credit card has both its pros and cons. So make sure you are not becoming a victim of online fraud and your experience to buy Bitcoin with Credit card is a success.

Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card

The procedure to buy Bitcoin with Debit card is relatively the same as other payment methods. All you have to note is a reliable platform that accepts debit cards as a payment option.

Note:- We will keep the crypto platform anonymous and refer it with XYZ in the steps:

  1. Launch and visit the XYZ website.
  2. Sign up to it and register your account.
  3. Search for Bitcoin buying option.
  4. Locate the option and select the Cryptocurrency.
  5. Enter the amount you want to purchase.
  6. Enter your debit card details.
  7. Confirm the payment and receive your crypto.

As simple as that!

How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash App?

The steps are pretty simple and all you need to have is your wallet loaded with Cash app money. Follow the steps below to know how to buy Bitcoin with Cash app.

  • On Cash app home screen, tap the “Investing” tab.
  • Tap Bitcoin and press ‘Buy’.
  • Select an amount or enter a custom amount if you want.
  • Enter your “PIN”.
  • Click “Confirm”.

Once you click on confirm, your wallet money will be deducted and Bitcoin will be purchased. You can talk to an online professional if you are worried about the security of your money.

How safe is buying Bitcoin with Cash app?

Is it safe to buy Bitcoin on Cash app? The answer is yes. All you have to make sure that you are not being a part of fraudulent. It is completely safe and you can go for it anytime.

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal?


For international money, people tend to use PayPal as it is not only safe but also offers a smooth UI (user & interface) and hassle-free money withdrawn process. You can use PayPal to buy and send cryptocurrency anytime.

If you have a question in your mind that “Can I use PayPal to buy bitcoin?” The answer is “Yes” you can.


  • Easy sign-up process.
  • A lot of sellers accepting PayPal payment.
  • Trusted platforms offer secured service.


  • Sellers usually charge higher rates for PayPal payment.
  • Verification may be needed.
  • Anonymity may not be an option.

Requirements for purchasing Bitcoin through PayPal:

There are certain requirements when buying Crypto money through PayPal. The requirements are as follows:-

  • A genuine PayPal account with no fraudulent history.
  • A registered account on a trusted platform that sells Bitcoin and accepts payment through PayPal.
  • A cryptocurrency wallet that supports digital assets and stores your money.

Steps to buying Crypto through PayPal:

We are an independent website and hereby, we are not recommending or supporting any platform for Bitcoin exchange. Hence, we will be using XYZ in the steps as the name of Bitcoin buying platform.

  1. Visit XYZ website.
  2. Go to the signup process and register an account on it.
  3. You will get your wallet there.
  4. Choose the mode of payment.
  5. Review sellers to buy Crypto money.
  6. Search for an offer if available any.
  7. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy.
  8. Follow the instructions and make payment to confirm it.

Your Bitcoin money will be released to the XYZ wallet account. This is how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal.

How to buy Bitcoin with Prepaid Card?


Follow the step to buy Bitcoin with prepaid card. Make a note of certain points to make it happen.

  • Choose a trusted BTC platform.
  • Choose a trusted Bitcoin exchange that supports prepaid option.

Follow the steps now:

  1. Install a BTC wallet.
  2. Choose Bitcoin exchange of your own choice.
  3. Sign up for account.
  4. Select payment option and choose the amount.
  5. Make payment and buy Bitcoins.

Bear in mind that you need to rely on trusted platform. Hence, do a proper research before you stumble upon any BTC platform.

How to buy Bitcoin with a Visa Gift Card?


Here’s how the process to buy Bitcoin with a Visa gift card works.

  1. Research for the best sellers on the internet that accept gift cards.
  2. Ensure the safety, trustworthiness, and read the terms of the trade closely.
  3. Start the trade and remember that Bitcoin will be stored in Escrow.
  4. Follow the payment procedure and once the seller receives the gift card information.
  5. They will release coins from Escrow.
  6. It will be available in the wallet you carried out the transactions with.

Do proper internet research to be sure from every angle.

How to buy Bitcoin with Cash?

There is a typical procedure to buy Bitcoin with Cash. You have to find a Bitcoin ATM for that. Go through the steps to do this.

  1. Get a Bitcoin wallet first.
  2. Locate any Bitcoin ATM near your location.
  3. Place an order there.
  4. Scan the QR code to complete the purchase.
  5. Your Bitcoin will be credited in your wallet.

Important:- It levy hefty Bitcoin fees on the purchase.

How to buy Bitcoin with the Bank Account?

There is no specific method to buy Bitcoin with bank account. All you have to do is to select the bank account or net banking as the payment option while purchasing the Bitcoin. Enter the details and confirm your payment. That’s it.


Can you buy bitcoin with credit card no verification?

Yes, there are many reliable platforms available that serves exchange Bitcoin offer service. Here, they charge you a minimal amount and let you purchase Crypto by keeping your identity anonymous. You simply have to choose Credit card as the payment options and you will be able to buy bitcoin with credit card no verification.

How can I buy bitcoin with credit card anonymously?

It is possible. There are ample ways of doing this but your intelligence is required to cross-check everything while getting the deal done. The following points can be used to buy bitcoin with credit card anonymously.
● Find a person online who is willing to sell his/her Bitcoin
● Use reliable & trusted Bitcoin broker websites to buy Bitcoin anonymously
● Get your prepaid credit card to any supermarket & use it to buy Bitcoin without supplying any information.

How do I buy bitcoin?

We have written ups so many ways if buying Bitcoin efficiently. With almost all the online payment modes, we have guide you to how do you buy bitcoin. If you need more assistance on it then we can help you find the best deals for you.

How can I buy bitcoin without id verification?

The answer lies in the anonymous ways of buying Bitcoin money. We have answered this question here in this guide. Read the upper paras to know how can I buy Bitcoin without ID verification.


If you are new to this but willing to buy bitcoin with a trusted platform then talk to an expert. Newbies with less experience are the target of spammers who dupe customers in the name of exchanging bitcoin money. Hence, we suggest you talk to an expert who can give you the right advice on how to buy Bitcoin to help you trade in the most efficient ways. By this, you not only save yourself from fraudsters but also get the right advice to invest in a safe place where it can be doubled in the future. So, make your decision wisely and get in touch with a trusted online expert.

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