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Set up Your Arlo Camera in 3 Steps | A Comprehensive Guide 2022

In this guide, we explained all about the Arlo Camera setup. Read this guide carefully to setup and configure your Arlo wireless camera with Arlo base station.

Arlo has become synonyms to wireless connected security cameras now. With easy installation, clear night vision & a handful of superlative features, it compels users to choose it as their all-in-one security partner. As written above in the last sentence, Arlo offers easy installation, which in some cases does not happen, when a newbie or someone with little technical knowledge takes the charge.

But let me make it clear here that it is just a plug and play task if you follow right measures with complete accuracy.

Brief about Arlo Security System Setup

Before beginning, let’s have a brief idea about the role of devices involved in Arlo Setup.

Usually, with any WiFi security camera, there’s a need to connect it to power socket, but with Arlo’s battery-powered feature, it gets easy for users to keep it anywhere without the need of plugging it into any power-socket which is quite convenient, depriving the hassle of wires & cords.

What makes Arlo different from other wifi cams is its own ‘Central Hub’, which is dedicated to connecting all Arlo systems in one, to enable users to communicate by connecting it to home wifi. We will explain Arlo base station functions in detail in our next guide.

Tip: You cannot setup Arlo camera without ‘Arlo app’.

Apply following steps for Netgear Arlo Setup

By following the steps we have mentioned below, your Arlo setup is merely going to consume your 10 minutes. Believe us, it is very easy when you follow & apply right steps.

1. Download Arlo Application:

Arlo offers an all-in-one application to manage, setup, and run live videos, enabling almost everything an Arlo user can seek. Let’s begin using Arlo app to setup Arlo first.

  • Download Arlo application on your smartphone. Available on both Google PlayStore & Apple AppStore.
  • Launch it and tap ‘New to Arlo’
  • Arlo products will display on your screen.
  • Choose the one you are using
  • Now, you will be asked to ready base station (do this using power cords & wires)
  • Hit ‘Continue’ if your base station is ready
  • Follow on-screen instructions & choose the base station.
  • Click ‘Continue’
2. Create Netgear Arlo Account:

The next procedure can proceed with a Netgear Arlo account.

  • Type in your email address in the required field
  • Click ‘Continue’ and enter the password
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Agree to its terms & conditions
3. Sync Arlo Camera with Arlo Base Station:

Put your camera near the base station. Hit ‘Continue’ in app. Setup your Arlo camera by inserting battery in it. For this, open camera’s latch and place the battery inside it.

Now, follow given steps.

  • Press ‘Sync’ button on base station for 2 seconds (it should emit green light)
  • Also, press ‘sync’ button on Arlo camera (it should blink blue LED)
  • After a while, both, camera and base station will be automatically connected
  • Once connected, hit ‘Continue’ in app and choose ‘Sync Complete’ button

Now, your Arlo camera is ready to use. You can watch live feeds after making changes in settings through Arlo app. You can also update base station if any update is available.

Important:- You can follow same steps to set up new Arlo security cameras as well.


We hope your Arlo camera is properly set up now. We haven’t missed any step answering your query ‘how to set up Arlo’. But make sure, everything is done in the right manner as a single miss point can result in failure and you may feel an expert’s need.

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