How to Update Garmin GPS? Guide 2022

A timely Garmin update can save you from such situations. Don't know how to update Garmin GPS?

Even though Garmin offers the best GPS navigation services, however sometimes you can find yourself in a pickle. A timely Garmin update can save you from such situations. Don’t know how to update Garmin GPS?

No need to worry.

Today, updating a Garmin Sat Nav is an effortless process. Just a few clicks and you will have all the updates. Sounds easy, right.

Seldom, users asked why a Garmin GPS map update is required. Well, routes and streets around us are changing continuously. If you are using an outdated map, you stuck yourself in the middle of nowhere.

Apart from that, if you want your GPS unit to work more productively and precisely, a timely update is necessary. It also helps you to fix bugs and repair any software damage.

When do I need to update my Garmin?

Though Garmin releases updates every quarter, if you are traveling to some new places, it is beneficial to update Garmin before you start your journey.

If you have lifetime maps, you can be able to stay in tune with the latest changes. You can also go for a time update according to your requirements.

Tip: If you are living in a developing area, you must go for lifetime updates, or else you will face the frustration of having outdated maps.

So, if you want to get the most out of your GPS device, update it from time to time.

Let’s step forward.

How to update my Garmin GPS Device?

Updating the Garmin map will ensure its proper working. Most of the Garmin devices come with USB cords, while a few don’t require a USB or serial port to update the GPS unit.

Most of the time, users are looking for how to update Garmin GPS maps for free. Usually, many Garmin devices come with free map updates. In case you don’t have that facility, you can purchase free lifetime Garmin maps through Garmin Express.

Along with it, sometimes, Garmin also releases some free map updates for its users. The one thing that users require to update Garmin is the Garmin Express app.

Important: Don’t know how to download and install the Garmin Express app, click the link.

Now, let’s focus on how to update Garmin GPS maps:

Once you have installed the Garmin Express app on your system, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First, connect your Garmin device with your computer system by using the USB cord
  • Then, open the Garmin Express app and log in to myGarmin account
  • Wait for a minute so that it will recognize your device automatically
  • If you haven’t registered your device Garmin, you need to add it
  • Now, the app will automatically explore the available updates
  • Click on the install tab to download the updates

And that’s it. Once the update is downloaded, detach your Garmin, reboot it, and place it back in the vehicle.

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How to update Garmin GPS without USB Cable?

A few advanced Garmin GPS units allow for updating a Garmin without a USB data cable.

Is it possible?

Yes, it is. The following will let you know how you can do this:

  • Firstly, visit the Garmin website and explore all the available updates for your Garmin
  • Select the update and then choose the option to update via satellite
  • Next, enter the device serial number
  • Wait until the update is completed successfully

Once completed, reboot your GPS unit. And, now your GPS has all the latest update. Enjoy your drive.

Update Garmin GPS without Computer

Have you ever been in such a situation where you are in the middle of somewhere and urgently need to update your Garmin, but you don’t have any laptop or desktop with you?

If yes, then at that moment, you wish to know the process of how you can update your Garmin without being present at your system. Right.

Well, in such situations, if you have an internet connection, you can easily update your Garmin. How?

The one thing that you require is Garmin Express App. Now, let’s follow the procedure:

  • Connect your Garmin wirelessly to the Garmin Express
  • Once connected, look for the update and click on the install tab
  • After the download completes, reboot your Garmin device

Here your Garmin is loaded with all the latest map updates.

Hopefully, now you know the process to update Garmin GPS..

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