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How to Use Garmin Striker Plus 7sv Device?

Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar Striker 7sv fish finder is the best model built-in wi-fi with many excellent features. Some fantastic features such as its impressive sonar technology and the navigation ability of this fish finder leave much to be desired. This fish finder launched in 2016 and has been specifically designed for people who are searching for top-line sonar capability.
It doesn’t care about the chart plotting as it already has a stand-alone Chartplotter. Just remember that Garmin Striker plus 7sv is all about the part numbers. So, look below and keep reading to know everything about this fish finder and its features.
Also, check the built-in GPS features Garmin striker and Garmin chirp traditional sonar plus chirp. It’s easy to use the built-in GPS features Garmin quickdraw contours. This model includes a transducer for a built-in Garmin chirp traditional sonar transducer for built-in Garmin chirp. CHIRP traditional sonar plus chirp clearvü imaging. Let’s get started.

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How to Pair with ActiveCaptain App to Striker Plus and Compatible echoMAP Devices?

ActiveCaptain app allows the user to use smart notifications, wireless software updates and downloading Quickdraw with the Garmin Striker fish finder. So, if you want to get started with these features, then the first thing you have to do is pair the application with the device. Just follow the below-given steps to pair the ActiveCaptain app with your Striker Plus/echoMAP device.

  1. Select the ActiveCaptain application on the home screen of the Garmin fishfinder.
    If the wi-fi settings are not set up already, select the wi-fi network and turn on the wi-fi. Or, if you want, you can use the directional pad and touchscreen to change the password and name of the wi-fi.
  2. Turn on the wi-fi of your smart device and search for the wireless network.
  3. Then select the Germin device Wi-Fi network and enter the network password.
  4. After this process, open ActiveCaptain app on a smart device or install it if not already installed. You can find the app on App Store (iOS devices) or on Google play.
  5. When the app downloaded, a message showed up “A new ActiveCaptain user Detected”.
  6. Then a pop-up appears with a message “is this the owner of the vessel?” Press Yes, if you are the owner or No if you don’t know who that user is.
  7. Confirm your email address under the account setup and select done.
  8. If you successfully install the app and follow all the steps, then you should see in ActiveCaptain on the smart device and the name of the Garmin striker plus 7sv fish finder device.

Note: A special note for the echomap device users only that you will receive a message to Creat ActiveCaptain Memory Card. So you can insert a maximum memory card with 32GB SD/Micro SD Card at this time and then select the option to allow for essential features for an SD card. But if you don’t have a memory card, then you can skip this option.

How to Connect to a Garmin Device to Share User Data?

With this device, you have the option to connect the Striker plus model with the Compatible Garmin device. You can connect it to share the user data like waypoints, etc., if both devices are near each other to connect brown and blue wires. If both devices are mounted far away for the cables to reach, you can combine both devices using the user Data Sharing Cable.

  • Just make sure that each device has connected to the other to the same ground.
    Complete the action by following these steps:
  • If both devices are near each other, then connect the blue wire from the first device with the brown wire of the second. Then connect the brown wire from the first device to the blue wire of the second.
  • But if both devices are not mounted near each other, then obtain the User Data Sharing Cable. Just connect both devices by following the instructions included with the cable.
  • On both devices, you just have to select User Data > Manage Data > User Data Sharing.

How to Register Your Device with the Serial Number?

If the device doesn’t come with a wi-fi network, you can use the serial number to register your device. Or, if the machine comes with a wi-fi network, you should use the ActiveCaptain application to register your device. Keep the original sale receipt with you and a photocopy in a safe place.

  1. All you have to do has just located the device’s serial number on the model or product box.
  2. Go to
  3. Then enter the serial number, and the device is now registered.

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Garmin striker plus cv use fishfinder with a bright LED light use inch color fishfinder. This Garmin CHIRP traditional sonar provides crystal rugged and easy to use fishfinder. Garmin Striker plus SV is a rugged plus SV with a transducer. Garmin Striker plus SV fishfinder sonars use built-in wi-fi traditional sonar plus chirp clearvü fish finder.

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