Roku Remote Not working? Try these Troubleshooting Methods

Come across the issue of the Roku remote not working? Don’t worry. We can understand your frustration and the time you wasted to troubleshoot when it’s not working.

This article covers all the possible troubleshooting techniques to fix the Roku TV remote not working.

Before you begin the troubleshooting methods, a question arises in your mind that “What type of Roku remote does my device support?”

Is it the IR (infrared) remote or the enhanced “Point anywhere” Remote?

It depends on which Roku streaming device you are using. Roku supports two types of remote.

  1. Standard IR (infrared) remote.
  2. Enhanced “point-anywhere” remote.

Standard IR Remote: All the Roku remotes look the same. The significant difference is the way the working. To confirm that it is a Standard IR Remote, open the battery cover and check whether it has a “pairing button” or not.

Note: Standard IR remote doesn’t have a pairing button.

Enhanced “Point-anywhere” Remote: It works with the wireless connection. This remote doesn’t need a direct link to control your Roku device. It established a connection with the Roku device by “pairing.” To verify that it is an Enhanced remote, open the battery cover from the remote and check it has a pairing button or not.

Roku remote identification

Once you have done checking your Roku remote, apply troubleshooting methods to fix Roku remote not working.

Causes of Roku Remote not working properly:

Many bounds behind a Roku remote that is not working, and many issues can fix quickly. Below are the possible reasons for the Roku remote to stop working.

  • Dead Battery: Dead batteries can stop your Roku remote from working with the device.
  • Blocked Signal: A barrier comes between the remote and the Roku device that can stop it.
  • Pairing Failed: If you have an Enhanced remote and it’s not working, it might be a Wi-Fi signal problem.

Now, you know why Roku remote not working; you can apply troubleshooting steps for the Roku remote.

Troubleshooting methods for Roku Remote repeatedly stops working:

We had listed some of the effective troubleshooting methods for when Roku remote stopped working, quickly fixing the issue. Apply these fixing steps so that you can enjoy your favorite TV shows without wasting your time.

  • Replace the remote’s battery: It is the most typical cause for the Roku remote stopped working. To fix it, you can buy a pair of new batteries & replace it with the old ones, and see if the Roku remote starts working or not.
  • Remove any obstructions (For IR remote): Check for any obstacle and how you’re using the IR remote because unlike Enhanced “point anywhere” remote has a feature to use anywhere. But, for Roku IR remote, you can’t operate it from anywhere.
    • Note: An IR Remotes uses infrared light to work. It has to be directly pointing at the streaming device without any barrier.
  • Re-Pair the Roku remote properly: Sometimes it has an issue with pairing. When it is not working correctly with the streaming device, try to pair it again.

If it doesn’t work even after applying these steps, then you can go with some advanced troubleshooting methods given below.

Reset Roku Remote:

Roku Remote Reset Button

Often it solves the problem because after you reset Roku remote, it becomes fresh and new. Note that this method will only work for the Enhanced “point anywhere” remote and not the IR remote.

You can follow the steps below to reset the Roku remote.

  1. First, open the back panel of your remote, take out the batteries, and keep it aside.
  2. Now, remove the Roku streaming device’s power cable for 5-seconds and then put it back in.
  3. After the streaming device displays the home screen, put back in the Roku remote’s battery but don’t put the back panel on it.
  4. Now, you need to press and hold the reset button for 3-5 seconds until you see the light indicator turn on and start flashing.
  5. Wait for 30 seconds to reset and pair the Roku remote successfully.

In that case, you need to know how to pair Roku remote and sync Roku remote correctly.

Follow the steps below to pair and sync your Roku remote with the Roku streaming device.

  1. For Roku IR remote: You have to take out the batteries and then put them back in. Remote will automatically connect with the streaming device. It’s that simple!
  2. For Enhanced “point anywhere” remote: If you have an enhanced “Point anywhere” Roku remote and want to re-pair or sync it with your streaming device then, apply the steps given below:
    • First, you need to disconnect the Roku streaming box’s power cable for 10 seconds.
    • After that, reconnect the power cable to the device and wait for the 10 seconds until the home screen will not appear.
    • Now, hold the pairing button on your remote for 5 seconds until the light will start blinking.
    • The Roku streaming device will connect with the remote.

Pro Tip: Always use the remote that comes with the streaming device or supports the streaming device.

Roku remote stopped working even after Troubleshooting.

If you feel that your Roku remote is heating, then stop trying to connect it. Remove the batteries first and put it back. In this case, you have to replace your Roku remote. Go to the Amazon and buy a licensed Roku remote today. Or you can contact the support team.

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