What is Capcut and How it Works?

Are you searching for a free video editing tool? This article will help you edit your video using the free video editing app.

Caput video editor is the most popular app to edit videos for TikTok, but its uses are endless! It is an application developed by ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, which has evolved most popular with millions of downloads on both the (Google Play and Apple app) stores.

CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing app that helps you create stunning videos. An android or apple user can use it free of cost.

Note: Capcut also can be used on PC. Learn How to download CapCut for PC?

What are the features available in CapCut?

Capcut has uncountable features to use in video editing. Here we have listed down some significant features:

  • Easy to use
  • High Quality video editing
  • Multiple filters available
  • A big music library available
  • Fully loaded with advanced effects

Use of CapCut?

Here we have documented the most widespread and essential features of CapCut. It covers how to download & install Capcut, and essential editing tips, including finding more unique features like adding background music and advanced filters to the video.

Let’s deep dive into it.

How to Download the Capcut app?

Capcut is free to download on Android and iPhone devices. Go to your respective application store and download it.

  • Visit the ‘play store’ or ‘App store’
  • Tap on the ‘search’ icon and type ‘Capcut’
  • Next, click on the ‘CapCut – Video Editor.’
  • Tap on the ‘Install’; the Capcut app will be installed into your device.

After completing the CapCut installation process, you need to give some permission to it. Click on ‘Allow’, and your application is ready to use.

To download CapCut official app, click here

Download capcut video editor

How to use the CapCut app?

Capcut has multiple features as a video editor application, such as cutting possibility, changing playback speed, forward and rearward moving, adding multiple videos, and adding images.

Follow these steps to get started with the Capcut app.

  • Start the application on your device

open capcut app

  • Now, tap on ‘New Project.’

Click on new project

  • Allow access to your camera

allow access to use camera

  • Select a video clip that you want to edit

select a video to edit on capcut

  • A toolbar will open on your screen. Check out the tool which you need to edit your video.

Use capcut features

This is the primary process of how to use the CapCut video editor. You can also use capcut on your PC/Laptop.

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To Sum it up!

Capcut is a popular video editing tool for editing TikTok videos and Instagram reels. It comes with endless editing features, which TikTok/Instagram video creators can edit videos quickly and effectively. It also has a list of predefined templates that help you make a perfect video without much effort.

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